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Our hotel is committed in the actions about the sustainable development and the environment. So, our hotel wants to obtain label "Clef Verte", and to participate in the action " the environmental label ", by adopting Eco-friendly gestures …

La Clef Verte

La clé verte adoptez le reflex Ecogestes

In a context of reduction of natural resources and fight against the global warming, the "PALAIS SEBBAN" decided to act to answer the criteria required by the label " La Clef Verte ". 

  • Decrease of the energy bill thanks to a raising awareness of the customers and the employees,
  • Decrease of the electric bill thanks to the progressive replacement of the quasi-whole lot of the incandescent and halogen bulbs by energy-saving bulbs, and thanks to a raising awareness of the customers and employees,
  • Follow-up of the consumptions gas and electricity.
  • Decrease of the water consumption by incentive of the clientele to reuse hand towels,
  • Follow-up of the consumptions in order to detect potentially leaks.
  • Sorting of waste by the employees,
  • Incentive in sorting of waste by customers,
  • Decrease of the individual and disposable products for bathrooms,
  • If possible, no single dose packages in the breakfast.
Responsable purchases
  • Favor the purchase of products with label(produced environment-friendly),
  • Use cleaning products with a label and limit chemical products,
  • Prefer the local products for all our purchases.
Eco-Friendly Gestures 

Within the framework of the awareness of our customers in favour of the environment, we communicate with them by inviting them to adopt "eco-friendly gestures"

To have an eco-aware behavior, it is to change some bad consumer habits!

At the house or at the hotel, all our gestures have repercussions on the environment. That is why we ask you, when it is possible: 

Switch off the lights when you go out of the room,

Do not leave electric devices in sleep mode, as your computer or the television,

Do not leave the charger of your telephone connected,

Do not let the heating with a high temperature or an air-conditioning in a too low temperature and close the window,

Do not to let the water run for nothing, 

If you stay several nights, you can use your towels by putting them on the towel rail. If you want that we change them, we thank you for putting down them in the shower or the washbasin,

If you want to contribute to the sorting, place on the washbasin of your room: magazines, clean papers, plastic empty bottles of water and newspapers,

To indicate us any anomaly (water leak...)



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